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Professional Life Coaching

The scientific term determinism, tells us the due to the law of cause and effect, nothing happens by chance.  We live in a lawful and orderly universe.  Thoughts can set things in motion, leading to manifestations that are experienced in the material world by our senses.  These manifestations can be good or bad, depending on the meaning applied to them by each individual.  Thoughts that are persisted in can lead to great success or great loss.  A repeated thought of an experience that happened years ago can manifest in your today as anxiety, depression or anger.  However, when we allow ourselves to think alternative thoughts, or remember experiences associated with joy and happiness, our today can manifest joy, contentment, and success. 

Life coaching can help with:

  • Wellnesss, Weight Loss & Healthier Living

  • Relationships/communication skills

  • Decrease anxiety

  • Increase on-task behavior

  • Increasing study habits

  • Organizational skills

  • Self-Management Strategies

  • And many more…​

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