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Acorn Villa provides applied behavior analytic (ABA) services for individuals with various behavior change needs.

ABA Components:

DISCRETE TRIAL TEACHING (DTT) – Breaking down a task down into small components, teaching each skill separately, thereby making a skill easier to learn.   

PROMPTING – There are different types of prompting such as verbal,physical, positional, gestural and modeling.  Sometimes we all need a little help, which is what prompting does, it increases the likelihood that an individual will demonstrate a correct response.   


GENERALIZATION – When a behavior change occurs, we want to see the change in the varying environments we find ourselves in.  Mastery of a skill comes when the behavior occurs across all environments independently and spontaneously. 

REINFORCEMENT – We all require reinforcement in our lives, it is what motivates us.  When we use reinforcement behaviorally speaking, it means that a behavior is more likely to increase over time when it is followed by a reinforcing stimuli or consequence. ABA uses positive reinforcement to teach individuals alternative ways of having their needs and desires met. Environmental modifications are also used to support behavior change.  ​

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